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Portugal Golden Visa Residence Program


The Portugal Golden Visa is a residence visa issued to non-EU nationals who have made a significant investment in Portugal, such as purchasing real estate, making a capital investment, or creating employment opportunities.

It is a fast-track process for obtaining permanent residence and citizenship in an EU country – via the Golden Visa, you can become eligible for Portuguese citizenship in as little as five years.

Portugal Golden Visa Investment Options

To be eligible for a Golden Visa in Portugal, you must make one of the following investments:

Purchase a property worth at least €500,000. If you purchase in a low-density area, the investment amount is €400,000.

Invest €350,000 in a property in a Portuguese urban regeneration area. If you invest in a low-density area, the investment amount is €280,000. The project should qualify for investment by the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service – SEF.

Invest at least €350,000 in a qualifying Investment Fund. The investment options are regulated by the Portuguese CMVM (Securities Market Commission), and usually include venture capital investment in real estate or start-up tech companies.

Make a capital transfer of at least €1 million in a Portuguese bank account.

Purchase company shares worth at least €1 million.

Invest at least €1 million in a company.

Create at least ten jobs for Portuguese nationals.

Invest at least €350,000 for the creation of a commercial company or to reinforce the share capital of a commercial company, through which you create at least five full-time jobs.

Make a capital transfer of at least €350,000 for research activities in science or technology by either public or private scientific research institutions.

Make a capital transfer of at least €250,000 to support the arts or reconstruction of national heritage.

Before choosing a program to invest in, you will have to consult with a range of experts.

The experts working for companies like La Vida – Golden Visas will offer a free consultation to determine your eligibility for the Golden Visa Scheme.

If you are eligible, they can help you choose the program most suitable for you, taking into account your financial situation, nationality, and preferences. They’ll also arrange a trip to Portugal (even help you apply for a Schengen Visa if required) so you can see your options yourself.

Contact La Vida advisors for further details.

If you are eligible, they can help you choose the program most suitable for you, taking into account your financial situation, nationality, and preferences. They’ll also arrange a trip to Portugal (even help you apply for a Schengen Visa if required) so you can see your options yourself.

Who Is Eligible to Apply for a Golden Visa for Portugal?

To be eligible for a Golden Visa for Portugal, you have to fulfil the following requirements:

You must be over the age of 18

You must make a significant investment that is beneficial to the Portuguese economy

You must have no history of criminal records

You must own the money you seek to invest

You must commit to maintaining the investment for at least another five years

Can You Get Portugal Citizenship by Investment?

Yes, if you receive a Golden Visa, you become eligible for citizenship after five years. Unlike other countries, you do not actually need to live in Portugal during that period to acquire citizenship via the Golden Visa route. You only need to spend seven to fourteen days per year in the country.

However, you will have to prove you have accommodation in Portugal, a steady income, as well as knowledge of the Portuguese language, at least on a basic level.

Benefits of the Portugal Golden Visa

The Golden Visa for Portugal is a coveted visa for wealthy investors as it offers a wide range of benefits for the investor and their family members, such as:

Ability to Live and Work in an EU Country

A Portuguese Golden Visa grants you residence in Portugal, which is a member of the European Union. This means that you can eventually obtain a Portuguese passport and enjoy the full benefits of EU nationality: no borders, access to the EU single market, and life in a stable, democratic, prosperous, and secure community.

Businesses in the EU also enjoy the free movement of labour, goods, and services, and free access to more than 450 million consumers.

Access to Portuguese Healthcare and Education

As Portuguese residents or citizens, you and your family will have access to all its national services, such as healthcare and education.

Portugal has a public-funded healthcare system known as the Serviço Nacional de Saúde (SNS). In 2021, the World Index of Healthcare Innovation ranked Portugal third for patient care and medical infrastructure.

Portugal also boasts a relatively high-quality level of public education across all levels – from elementary school to university. The literacy rate in Portugal sits at 99.44 and Portuguese students continuously display higher than average scores at PISA tests.

Lowest Costs of Living in Western Europe

Portugal offers some of the lowest costs of living in Western Europe, without sacrificing the quality of life. Nearly everything is very affordable, from food to education, to healthcare, and leisure and social activities. Technically, you can live comfortably in Portugal with around USD 1,400 per month, although the costs of living depend largely on the selected lifestyle.

In fact, Portugal is considered one of the best destinations for expats, consistently ranking high on international surveys. On the Expat Insider 2021 survey, it ranked at number five – the only European country to make it on the top ten list.

Visa-Free Travel to Europe

A Portuguese Golden Visa automatically grants you the right to travel anywhere in the European Union without a visa. Additionally, many non-Schengen countries will also allow you to enter visa-free as long as your visa or residency permit is available.

Then, once you obtain your Portuguese passport, you will also enjoy the full right to travel visa-free to over 100 countries in the world.

Portuguese Passport in as Little as Five Years

Only five years after your investment, you can obtain a Portuguese passport. Although it is not instant, five years is a relatively short period of time to obtain EU citizenship, especially considering the very lenient residency requirements.

A Portuguese passport will grant you the right to live, work, invest anywhere in the European Union. You can also visit over 150 countries without a visa.

Lenient Residency Requirements

To obtain Portuguese citizenship, you do not need to live in Portugal full-time. You just have to be in the country for seven days out of the first year, and then 14 days in the following two year periods. Once five years have passed, you can apply for Portuguese citizenship and residency requirements will no longer be necessary.

What Family Members Can Apply for a Portugal Golden Visa?

You can include the following family members in your application for a Portuguese Golden Visa:

Your spouse or partner.

Children under the age of 18.

Children over the age of 18, who are dependent on you financially. Adult children must be enrolled in full-time education and unmarried to qualify as dependents.

Siblings under the age of 18 of either yourself or your spouse/partner. For siblings to qualify as dependents, you or your partner must have legal custody of them.

Dependent parents (over the age of 55) of either you or your spouse/partner. You must provide documents proving their dependency unless they are older than 65.

Any family member included in your application will receive a Portuguese residence permit card and enjoy the same rights and privileges as you.

How to Apply for a Portugal Golden Visa?

The process of obtaining a Portuguese Golden Visa is divided as follows:

Visit Portugal and choose your investment.

Set up a Portuguese bank account and tax number.

Complete your investment.

Apply for the Portugal Golden Visa.

Receive your residence permit.

Apply for Portuguese citizenship/permanent residence.

Step 1: Visit Portugal and Choose Your Investment

You (or your lawyers) should arrange a prior trip to Portugal so you can see your options and kickstart the process of investment. If you are interested in investing in real estate, during your initial visit, you will visit properties, meet with lawyers, and (if it is your preference) grant power of attorney to a representative.

If you want to invest in one of the other options, your lawyer will help you set up the necessary meetings and documents for the transfer.

If you are from a country with visa requirements, you may need a Portuguese Schengen visa to visit Portugal for this short initial trip.

Step 2: Set Up a Portuguese Bank Account and Tax Number

Before you can finalise your investment, you will need a Portuguese tax number and bank account.

You can obtain a tax number, also known as a NIF number (Número de Identificação Fiscal)  at the local office for Tax and Customs Authority (the Taxpayer Registration Services). There will be a set of forms you must complete (provided by the tax office) and documents to submit regarding your need for a Portuguese tax number.

You can set up a bank account with any trusted financial institution in Portugal. The process is pretty straightforward, the same as anywhere else in the world – you just visit the bank and ask to have a bank account set up.

For both these processes, you must have documents proving your income, home address, and identification document.

Step 3: Complete Your Investment

Once you have set up your bank account and the tax number, you can finally complete your investment.  The investment can take months to be finalised; you cannot apply for the Golden Visa until you have the necessary documents proving you have secured it.

See “Required Documents for Portugal Golden Visa Application” below.

After you have finalised your investment, you can return home to collect the required documents and apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa.

Step 4: Apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa

Once your investment has been completed, you can finally submit the application for a Portuguese Golden Visa at the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF). The process is as follows:

Register with the ARI Portal (Residence Permits for Investment Activities) here. ARI is the SEF’s online portal for handling Golden Visa Applications. You can register yourself or a legal representative may do it on your behalf.

Attach electronic copies of the required documents (in PDF, and no bigger than 4MB).

Pay all the relevant fees.

Wait for confirmation from the SEF.

Schedule an appointment to submit your Golden Visa application at a local branch of the SEF.

If you do not wish to apply for the visa in person, you can give Power of Attorney (POA) to a legal representative to apply on your behalf, such as golden visas experts at La Vida. Your legal representative can then submit the visa application for you and your family members, as well as help you perform your investment.

Step 5: Receive Your Portuguese Residence Permit

After you submit your application, it can take from three to six months to receive your residence permit card. The card is valid for one year initially and can be renewed for a maximum of five years.

With your Portuguese residence permit card, you can live and work in Portugal freely, and enjoy the same benefits as all other Portuguese citizens and residents.

Final Step: Apply for Permanent Residency or Citizenship

Five years after making your investment, you become eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship or permanent residency. At this point, you will need to demonstrate that you have ties to Portugal and pass a general knowledge test. The test proves that you can speak Portuguese at at least an A2 level (conversational) and you have general knowledge of Portuguese society and laws. There are no residency requirements.

Required Documents for Portugal Golden Visa Application

When submitting the Portugal Golden Visa application, you must have the following documents:

The official Portugal Visa Application Form. This is downloadable from the Portuguese visa portal.

Valid passport.

Two passport-size pictures, which are in line with Portugal visa photo requirements.

Proof of having obtained health insurance valid in Portugal.

Proof of having no previous criminal records. You need a certificate from any country in which you have lived longer than one year. The certificate has to be issued by the relevant authorities within the previous three months and translated into Portuguese.

Sworn Statement that you will maintain your investment for a minimum period of five years.

Payment receipt from the ARI portal.

Any documents related to your investment, as detailed below.

Purchasing real estate property worth at least €500,000:

Acquisition deed of the property or the pre-contract agreement.

Declaration from a financial institution authorised or registered in Portugal, which proves the effective international transfer of the assets.

The Land Register Certificate along with the records, endorsements, and registration in force, attests to the ownership of the property.

The legal description of the property, if applicable.

Investment of  €350,000 in a property in a Portuguese urban regeneration area:

The above-mentioned documents

Declaration from a competent entity proving that the property is in a regeneration area

Capital transfer of at least €1 million in a bank account:

Declaration from a financial institution that is registered in Portugal, attesting to the deposit. The transfer must be free from any charges and obligations.

Creation of at least ten job positions:

Declaration from a financial institution that is registered in Portugal, attesting to the required deposit.

Individual employment contracts between the employer and the employees.

If you are a shareholder in a company: Extract from the register of companies

Investment in the arts

A Declaration issued by the Portuguese Strategy, Planning and Cultural Assessment Office, stating they have consulted with the competent authorities in the sector and attesting your investment in the support of the arts or restoration and maintenance of the national cultural heritage

A Declaration from a financial institution in Portugal attesting the transfer of the assets

Investment in research activities

A Declaration from the public or private scientific research institution, attesting the investment

A Declaration from a financial institution in Portugal attesting the transfer of the assets.

The investment advisors at La Vida – Golden Visas Visas have expert knowledge regarding the entire Golden visa application process. They can help you obtain the legal paperwork, pre-contract agreement, and all necessary documents for the transfer of property.

Document Guidelines

The documents you submit for the Portuguese Golden visa application should be translated either in English or Portuguese, as requested. Translations should be done by a certified translator.

Some documents, such as civil status documents, must also be legalised through an Apostille Stamp.

Portugal Golden Visa Costs

In addition to the main investment (e.g. €500,000 in real estate), you also have to pay the following government fees:

Processing fee: €533 for each family member

Golden Visa issue fee: €5,325 for each family member

Residence permit renewal fee: €2,663 for each family member on each renewal

Additionally, depending on the investment you make, you will likely hire lawyers, consultants, or other professionals to assist you along the process; you also have to pay for their services and guidance.

You should also take into account the translation, legalisation (Apostille Stamp) or issuance of documents.

The Validity of Portugal Golden Visa

The Portugal Golden Visa is initially valid for one year. You can then continue to renew it for two-year periods, provided that you have maintained your investment. After five years (1+2+2) you become eligible for permanent residence or citizenship.

Obtaining a Portuguese passport gives you access to EU citizen rights, such as the freedom of movement and access to the European market.

How Long Do You Have to Live in Portugal to Maintain a Golden Visa?

To maintain your Portugal Golden Visa, you have to stay in the country for at least 7 days in the first year and then fourteen days in the following two-year periods.

Unlike other types of investment visas, you do not have to live in Portugal permanently in order to renew your Golden Visa or to receive permanent residence or citizenship.

Taxes in Portugal for Golden Visa Investors

If you are a non-resident: You are not taxed on income obtained abroad if you do not live in Portugal. As a non-resident, you only pay tax for income obtained within Portugal, such as from renting out real estate.

If you are a resident: If you are a resident in Portugal, then you have to pay tax on any income obtained abroad.

Taxable income in Portugal is considered:

Employment income.


Director’s fees.

Investment income.

Rental income.

Capital gains.

The tax rate in Portugal is from 14,50% to 48% (for income higher than €80,882). Rental income in Portugal is taxed at a flat rate of 28%.

Who Is Considered a Resident in Portugal for Tax Purposes?

You are considered a taxable resident if you live in Portugal for at least 183 days out of the year. It does not have to be 183 consecutive days. With a Golden Visa, you can maintain your residence permit without actually residing in Portugal, therefore you are exempt from paying income tax on income from abroad.

Remember, any income that comes from inside Portugal will still be subject to tax, even if you live abroad.


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