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Questions about studying in the Czech Republic

Frequently asked questions about studying in the Czech Republic

1. Student living expenses in the Czech Republic

Expenses before arriving in the Czech Republic

  • Prepayment / registration fee - depends on the program
  • When living in Brno - obtaining a certificate from the hostel for the embassy - 150 euros - payable immediately
  • When living in Prague - depends on the choice of a particular hostel
  • Embassy visa fee - 0 - 110 euros,
  • Insurance - approx. 330 euros

Expenses after obtaining a visa

Payment for the rest of the program - depends on the program
Flight / travel by train or bus - depends on your place of residence

Living expenses after arriving in the Czech Republic

1. Accommodation - depends on the city and the chosen hostel (cost for 1 place in a double room)
  • Prague - 230-345 euros per month
  • Brno - 150 - 170 euros per month
  • Accommodation in an apartment (rent) - from 560 euros per month (for the whole apartment)
2. Nutrition
  • If you cook yourself - from 120-170 euros per month
  • If you eat in a cafe - from 6-8 euros for lunch / dinner
3. Other expenses (travel, cell, etc.) from 50 euros per month
  • Official translations of documents with a seal ("court translations") - from 10 euros / page
  • Certification by a notary - from 1.5 euros / page
  • State fee for nostrification of the certificate - 40 euros
  • State fee for nostrification of a diploma - approximately 120 euros
  • The state fee for extending a visa and obtaining a biometric card is 100 euros (the first extension is usually carried out at the beginning of summer)
  • Moving Prague - Brno - 8 euros

2. Is it true that education in the Czech Republic is free?

Education in the Czech Republic is free in public universities in the Czech language. Education in public universities in English, as well as education in private universities in the Czech Republic is paid. Detailed information on the cost of education in the Czech Republic can be found here .

3. Which Czech language courses are right for me if I want to study at a university in the Czech Republic on a budgetary basis?

One of the requirements for foreign students wishing to study at public universities in the Czech Republic in the Czech language is knowledge of the Czech language at the B2 level (above average) according to the European system. Knowledge of the language at this level is given by annual or semester courses. All our courses are taught by Czech state universities and are accredited.

You can read more about our courses here:

Courses at the Technical University in Prague CTU
Courses at the Charles University in Prague
Courses at the Agricultural University in Prague CZU (Faculty of Economics)
Courses at the Prague University of Economics HSE
Courses at the Technical University in Brno

4. What are the conditions for admission to public universities of the Czech Republic for foreign applicants

The main requirements that Czech state universities place on foreign applicants are as follows:

  • Successful passing of the entrance exams
  • Knowledge of Czech at B2 level
  • Provision of a document on nostrification (recognition on the territory of the Czech Republic) of a certificate or diploma

5. What is nostrification and how to do it?

Nostrification is the recognition of a certificate or diploma obtained in another country, equivalent to a certificate or diploma obtained in the Czech Republic. This document is required for admission to universities in the country. We will tell you more about nostrification in the corresponding video here .

6. What documents do I need to submit to enroll in Czech language courses and where should I start?

If you have decided to sign up for our Czech language courses, the first thing you need to do is fill out a form. To obtain a questionnaire form, please contact here , you can also fill out the form online on our website . In order for us to be able to register you for the courses, you will also need a valid passport. If at the moment it is not yet ready for you, you can already apply for courses and quickly start issuing a passport. In this case, when submitting an application, do not forget to inform that you do not have a passport at the moment. Our staff will discuss with you the order of further actions.

7. Can you guarantee the participants of your programs admission to state universities in the Czech Republic?

The admission process to state universities in the Czech Republic is objective and impartial, the requirements are the same for all applicants, therefore, despite the promises of some companies, no one can guarantee admission. However, we guarantee the quality of teaching in our courses, since all courses are organized on the basis of large and prestigious universities in the Czech Republic, and classes are taught by experienced teachers. In addition to the language, students effectively study specialized subjects, exams for which they will take upon admission. Therefore, with regular attendance of classes and the proper completion of all tasks, the children have very high chances of admission to the chosen specialty.

8. Which of your courses is the best? Which ones do you recommend?

All our courses are organized at universities in the Czech Republic and provide very good language training. Therefore, the choice of courses primarily depends on the individual preferences of the participant and his future plans. In order for us to recommend courses that are optimal for you, we need information from you about what you would like to do after graduation: do you plan to enter a Czech university, what specialty, in which city. If you have not yet decided on the answers to these questions, we will provide you with all sorts of information about existing opportunities, universities, specialties and entrance exams, thus, together with you we will decide which universities and specialties you should focus on and, accordingly, which courses to study.

We also offer several programs in different price categories, differing in the number of services included in them and the cost. And on the courses of the Technical University in Prague, the possibility of payment in installments is provided.

9. Are there universities in the Czech Republic where admission is carried out without entrance exams?

Yes, there are such universities, but there are not very many of them. For example, foreigners can enter the specialties Forestry and Woodworking at the Czech University of Agriculture without examinations, on the basis of only an interview in the Czech language. As part of the interview, candidates must show their interest and motivation for learning. There are some other programs at various universities that also provide admission without examinations.

Of particular note are the programs of the Faculty of Economics of the Czech Agricultural University, such as Management, Informatics and Business Administration with training in English. Admission to these programs is possible without entrance exams, without nostrification of a diploma or certificate and without the presence of a student in the Czech Republic. You can find detailed information about this program on our website.

10. Can a student earn extra money while studying?

Under the Employment Act, full-time students are allowed to work without restrictions and without the need to obtain a work permit. If you can successfully combine study and work and agree with an employer who will agree to let you go to study, you just need to change the purpose of your stay in the Czech Republic from study to work (the goal is changed in the Czech Ministry of Internal Affairs on the basis of the provided contract with the employer).

11. Where is student accommodation organized?

Students of public universities in the Czech Republic have the right to apply for a room in a public hostel. For students of our courses, we organize accommodation in private hostels. Accommodation of our students in Prague, Brno and other cities of the Czech Republic is organized in several hostels, depending on which program and in which city the student is studying. Students have the opportunity to choose from several accommodation options, differing in the level of comfort, location and cost. Details can be found below.

Accommodation in Prague

DC Residence

Address: Novodvorská 1061/10, 142 00 Praha 4 - Lhotka


Rooms are equipped with a bathroom, refrigerator, beds with a comfortable mattress, pillows, duvet and linens, desk, chair, wardrobe and mirror.  Free internet access. Each floor is equipped with a modern kitchen.

Apartman student

Address : Chemická 951, Praha 4 - Kunratice


Rooms: private bathroom, refrigerator, plasma TV, table, wardrobe, bed, internet access and a common kitchen for the whole floor. Regular change of bed linen . The building has a student club, laundry facilities, security cameras throughout the property, 3 elevators, vending machines with snacks and drinks.

Rooms 5

Address: Blattného 2343/13 Praha 5 - Stodůlky 158 00


The rooms are equipped with their own kitchen and bathroom. Rooms are equipped with new furniture. The surroundings have everything you need for life. Accessibility to the center - 20 minutes, metro - 5 minutes, night buses a few steps from the building.

Hostel of hotel type Globetin

Address: ul. Slévačská 744/1, 198 00 Praha 9


Accommodation and accommodation takes place in double rooms. Each room has its own separate bathroom, shower, kitchen with mini fridge, balcony The kitchen is not equipped with kitchen utensils and utensils, stove, microwave. The room can be connected to the Internet via wi-fi. There are two beds, two tables, two chairs, two hanging shelves, a wardrobe.

Dormitory of the Agrarian University (CZU) - available only for CZU students

Address: ul. Kamýcká 129, 165 00 Praha 6 Suchdol


Accommodation and accommodation takes place in 2-bed or 3-bed rooms of 2 types:

  1. A bathroom and a bathroom are on the floor. The kitchen is shared, one for the whole floor. The kitchen has an electric stove and microwave for the common use of all students on the floor.
  2. A bathroom and a shower are located in a block of two rooms. The room has a refrigerator and stove.

Each of the rooms can be connected to the Internet via wi-fi, there are also beds, tables, chairs, hanging shelves, a wardrobe, a refrigerator.

Crystal Hotel

Address : José Martího, Praha 6-Veleslavín

This hotel, or rather, in that part of the hotel, which has been converted into a student hostel, is home to students enrolled in the preparatory courses of Charles University, which are held at the Prague-Kristall training center.


Accommodation in double rooms with private facilities, basic furniture and internet. There is a kitchen on the floor. The kitchen is not equipped with kitchen utensils and utensils. For an additional fee, it is possible to use washing machines and dryers. In the immediate vicinity there is a large natural park-reserve, a lake with a beach, a sports complex.

Accommodation in Brno

Windpoint Dormitory (Youngspace)

Address : Cejl 97, Brno


This is a new, comfortable hostel with cozy rooms and a lot of additional services for students living in it. The hostel is equipped with video cameras, the reception is open around the clock, the entrance to the hostel is by electronic cards, which provides additional security for residents. There is a supermarket opposite the hostel. There is a coffee machine at the reception.

Dormitory VUT

Address : Kolejní 2, Královo pole, Brno


Accommodation in double rooms with private facilities (bathroom in the room), basic furniture and the Internet. There is a kitchen on the floor. The kitchen is not equipped with kitchen utensils and utensils. For an additional fee, it is possible to use washing machines and dryers. Free bed linen change once a week. The building houses a grocery store and 2 dining rooms. The hostel is a 10-minute walk from the university where Czech language classes are held.

12. Is it difficult to learn Czech from scratch?

The Czech language belongs to the Slavic group, which makes it a bit like Russian. Much depends on your abilities, but with sufficient diligence and desire to cope with this task it is quite possible. From the very first lessons, experienced teachers begin to communicate with you in Czech, thereby helping to immerse yourself in the language environment as soon as possible. Learning a language is also aided by using it in everyday situations, so the more you use the acquired knowledge, the better.

13. Are there any age restrictions when studying in the Czech Republic?

There are no age restrictions. Contrary to popular belief, students over 26 years old can also receive free education in Czech state universities in the Czech language. But after this age, student status no longer implies student discounts on the purchase of goods and services. This means that, for example, you will not be able to purchase a travel pass at a discount or go to the cinema at the student's rate. Also an important point is getting a student visa. The chances of getting it are higher for students of student age, i.e. people under 30 years old, but we had many examples of older clients who received visas without any problems. It is important to prepare well for an interview when applying for a visa, clearly know the answers to questions, and show good motivation for getting an education in the Czech Republic.

14. Can I apply to multiple universities at once?

Yes you can, we always recommend that students submit multiple applications to increase their chances of admission. Applications are paid, on average, the cost of one application is 20-25 euros. When submitting multiple applications, you should be careful not to overlap the dates of entrance exams to different universities.


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