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Global Visa Consultants was established in 2004 to provide Immigration Consultancy services in Lahore Pakistan. We are one of the pioneers and most prestigious and trustworthy firm in the field of immigration consultancy.

Global Evisa Services

We are playing a distinctive role in the field and practicing high professional code of ethics. Success rate of Global Evisa Services is excellent. We are flourishing the goals of talented professionals and opened new avenues for them.

Our Mission

We are committed to increase the value and added-value of the international education industry and benefits gained by strategic business partners and clients as part of our contribution towards the sustainability and good will of the international education industry as a whole.

Our Vision

We see a future world where countries seamlessly integrate a great influx of immigrants because of a global rising shortage of skills and workforce. Our efforts would be to train the best talent and help people in their great journey of immigration to meet success in their chosen objectives.

Strategic Consultation

We offer more efficient and customized services to help our clients to reduce process complexity, minimize cost, achieve desired output, enhance customer experience and formulate business strategies.

Monday, August 29, 2022

Global Visa Consultant Lahore

 Global Visa Consultants was established in 2004 to provide Immigration Consultancy services in Lahore Pakistan. We are one of the pioneers and most prestigious and trustworthy firm in the field of immigration consultancy. We are playing a distinctive role in the field and practicing high professional code of ethics. Success rate of GVC is excellent. We are flourishing the goals of talented professionals and opened new avenues for them.

Since the beginning of its operations, Global Visa Consultants has always been keen with the facilitation of its customers. We believe, “Immigration is not the shifting of an individual or a group, it is the meeting of different cultures and values.

Our objective is to offer professional guidance to students seeking educational opportunities worldwide and enable them to make the right choice with comfort and joy. Our strategy is providing guidance and step-by-step assistance, so that the client gets the complete knowledge on visa processing. We aim to provide specialized services in migration to foreign countries, advisory services and other immigration-related services in order to help the Pakistani community.

Our Mission: We are committed to increase the value and added-value of the international education industry and benefits gained by strategic business partners and clients as part of our contribution towards the sustainability and good will of the international education industry as a whole.

Our Vision: We see a future world where countries seamlessly integrate a great influx of immigrants because of a global rising shortage of skills and workforce. Our efforts would be to train the best talent and help people in their great journey of immigration to meet success in their chosen objectives.

Strategic Consultation: We offer more efficient and customized services to help our clients to reduce process complexity, minimize cost, achieve desired output, enhance customer experience and formulate business strategies.

Guidance Preparation: We offer testing recommendations, pair you with teachers, help you build a testing plan of action.Our experts conduct initial comprehensive brainstorming sessions which involve a pre- career testing and personality analysis.

Global Visa Consultant 

Office 210, 2nd Floor, Landmark Plaza Jail Road, 
Lahore 54000 Pakistan. 
Call/whatsapp: +92 311 176 2324


You take care of your trip, we take care of your visa

Our service provides assistance with electronic visas to numerous countries worldwide. Global E-Visa grants its holder entry to the desired country.

The application process can be completed in less than 15 minutes using any working device with an internet connection.

The processing time takes up to 72 hours; however, most eVisas are usually approved sooner. Processed eVisas arrive directly to applicants via email.

There is no need to wait in long lines at the Embassy to handle your visa anymore!

Apply for Your E-Visa in 3 Easy Steps

To apply online, use any working device with an internet connection. Make sure you meet all of the requirements specified for each destination and your country of origin.

Once you have the necessary documents ready, select the destination you want to visit on the left-hand bar. Then follow these steps to complete your application:

Fill the application form

Provide your data, email address, passport details, the purpose of your travel, and any other required information. Next, attach additional documents if necessary.

Register an online payment

Pay the handling visa fee using any of the available methods of online payment. Once your payment is registered, move on to the next step

Check your inbox

Immediately after the application approval; processed eVisa arrives in your email box. Make sure to put a correct email address in the
application form to receive your eVisa without any issues or delays.

Before applying, please make sure that you have the following:

A Valid Passport

All applicants need to have a valid passport to apply online. In most cases, it is advised that the passport validity exceeds at least 6 months ahead of the planned date of arrival in the country of destination.

Means of online payment

You have to have a credit or debit card or access to any online payment method available on our website to pay the handling visa fees.

An active email address

Please make sure that the email address you put in the application form is active and that you have access to it. Otherwise, you may not be able to get your eVisa once it arrives in your email box.

Payment Options:

1: Pay Through Debit/Credit Card, Alfa Wallet or Bank Alfalah Account

Alfa Wallet 00661007727644
Bank Alfalah Account
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: 00661007727644
  • IBAN: PK08ALFH0066001007727644
  • Fill details in the application form, make payment and get visa through email.
  • If you need help contact us: Call/Whatsapp: +92 311 176 2324

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Turkey Visa from Pakistan

Turkey is one of the most picked destinations for visitors because this country entails splendid history with vibrant shades of culture. Moreover, it reflects the lifestyles of both European and Islamic ethos.Check out Our Turkey tours. Pakistani citizens can visit Turkey after obtaining the official Turkish visa. The Turkish Embassy is located in Pakistan which allows Pakistani visitors to travel Turkey and for this purpose Turkish Government has set some specific visa categories. 7 days tour to Turkey from Pakistan.

1. Quick Facts about Turksih Visa:

  1. Visa Required : Yes

    Popular Visa Type : Tourist, Business, Others
  3. Visit Visa Duration : Up to 90 Days (They do not have to obtain a visa to visit Argentina for a stay of not more than 90 days).
  4. Travel Insurance Cover Required  : No
  5. Require Agent/Consultant to apply : Depend Upon you 

2. How to Apply for Turkey Visa from Pakistan:

The two main channels of Turkey  Visa Application Process are as follows:
Regular Turkish online visa application 
E-visa application 
Mostly Pakistani citizens choose the regular on-line visa application process because E-Visa is only granted to applicants who already possess a valid USA, UK, Ireland and SCHENGEN visa. E-visa is only granted to travellers who are travelling either for tourism or for trade.Steps:
  1. Applicants for Turkey visit visa may apply for Turkish E-Visa from ( or
  2. Applicant must fill complete contact details of inviting company on the form. (Applicant can write inviter’s details manually in case if system doesn’t print the details.)
  3. Application should be signed by each applicant if above 18 years of age. Otherwise for minors one parent can sign the application. If depended child is traveling with one parent then affidavit from other parent is must along with parent’s contact details. And similarly if child is travelling with relatives then affidavit from both parents is required. (Additionally if parents are separated then affidavit and separation certificate is required or if one parent has expired the death certificate is required)
  4. If applicant’s family/relatives lives in Turkey and applicants intend to stay with inviter then inviter’s contact details must be mentioned along with copy of Turkish Kimlik, residence permit, residence address.
  5. If applicant mentioned that he/she will travel with other person/family members/friends then copy of their visa and reservations is required. (Copy of USA/ Schengen visa and e-visa or Turkish visa sticker obtained from another country) 
  6. Applicants are required to submit 2 photos of 5x5cm taken in white background and type should be biometric, attached hard copy of photo must not be damaged.
  7.  JPEG format should be uploaded (not scanned). 

Completion of Online Visa Application form:

Downloading and on-line filling of the visa application form correctly with correct personal and miscellaneous details as mentioned like address, contact, parents, CNIC no etc. is the beginning of the visa application process. 
It is mandatory to take out a hard copy (print-out) of the correctly filled on-line form and then applicant has to sign it personally.

3. Turkey Visa Requirements from Pakistan:

Once the applicant has the printed copy of correctly filled and signed copy of the visa application form, next he needs to attach the following things with it.Given Below are the Checklist of Documents Required for Turkey Visa from Pakistan
  1. Applicant has to submit at least 6-months valid passport (as from the tentative date of arrival in Turkey) with copies of passports in which all previous visas entry and exit stamps are endorsed. Applicant has to submit current as well as old passport used copies.
  2. Any other country nationals residing in Pakistan must enclose valid visa or resident permit 
  3. Two (2) recent colored, 5x5 cm and white background biometric photographs of the applicant, (JPEG format should be uploaded).
  4. The applicants for Turkey visa must provide a Travel Health Insurance Certificate. The travel insurance must be properly stamped and verified by insurance company covering the cost of the period of stay in Turkey and return. 
  1. Polio vaccination certificate:
Polio vaccination certificate from authorized lab or Government hospital covering the travel period has to be submitted with other documents. The date of vaccination should not exceed than one year.Only flight reservation copy is required, tickets are not obligatory.

Stay Expenses:
Evidence of Hotel reservation or invitation letter by the host assuring to bear the responsibility of boarding and lodging of the traveler is necessary. Invitation letter should be prepared by the public Notary including Turkish Identity Number, complete contact details of the host duration and purpose of the visit, tax number from the inviting company).

Employment cases:
 Singed cover letter of applicant’s company/employer with the designation, salary, profession or skill type from the recruiter is essential.  National Tax Number Certificate (NTN) and proof of income tax payment with FBR (if applicable). Government employees who wish to visit Turkey must provide NOC from their government departments with last three month salary slips.Professional applicants must enclose a registration certificate or relevant license. 

Financial details:
 Account maintenance certificate from bank and original bank statements of the last three months mentioning the amount that will cover all the travel and stay expenses. National Tax Number Certificate (NTN) and proof of income tax payment with FBR (if applicable) 
  1. Character Certificate from Police:
An authorized police character certificate in accordance with Foreigners and International Protection Act no. 6458, article 15/c is required with the visa application form. 
  1. Fitness proof:
A valid health certificate approved and stamped by a professional Doctor, verifying that the applicant is all fit to travel should be submitted with the application. 
  1. Consent letter:
Consent letter of the applicant for verification of documents is required. 
  1. Students and Children:
  1. Students or applicants under 18 should submit a Bonafide letter from his/her institution with consent letter of the parents. Parents or guardians should show their financial strengths by providing bank statements. 
  2. If depended child is traveling with one parent then affidavit from other parent is necessary along with contact details
  3. If dependent child is travelling with relatives then affidavit from both parents is mandatory.
  4. If parents are separated then affidavit and separation certificate is required
  5. If any of the parents has expired the death certificate is required
  6. Applicant travelling with other person should provide a copy of the accompanier’s visa and reservations. 
  1. Family travel:
Original family civil registration proof should be provided via a Family registration certification form NADRA. 
  1. The Process:
Once all the documents are collected, verified and copied as per requirement mentioned in the application form the applicant along with the completely filled, printed and signed copy of visa application form with all the required documents and valid passport has to visit Gerry Fed Ex office and to submit the application. A receipt will be given to the applicant confirming the successful application submission.
Each applicant above 18 years of age has to sign the application. For under 18 applicants, one parent can sign the application.
  1. Refusal of the Visa:
Turkish Embassy has complete right to refuse the visa without an explanation .In such case applicant can apply again after 6 months.

4. Turkish Visa Categories for Pakistani Citizens:

The following categories of Visa are granted to Pakistani nationals:
  1. Single Transit
  2. Double Transit
  3. Touristic Visit 
  4. Business or Commercial visit
  5. Conference / Seminar / Workshop
  6. Fair / Exhibition
  7. Sport event 
  8. Cultural event 
  9. Official Visit 
  10. Visa to enter  Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  12. Internship Visa
  13. Language learning purpose
  14. Work visa for employment in Turkey
  15. Academic purpose etc.
  16. Medical issues 

5. Turkey Visa Fee from Pakistan:

Visa Fee is updated in the beginning of the year .The current Fee is as follows:
  1. Single entry fee: PKR, 9,000/- 
  2. Single Transit: PKR, 7,350/-
  3. Multiple entries fee: PR, 23,930/- 
  4. Multiple Transits fee :  PR,14,700 /- 

6.  Turkey Visa Processing Time for Pakistan:

  1. Medium
  2. 15 Working Days
  3. In some case procedure may take 3-4 Weeks. 

7. Turkey Group Travel from Pakistan:

If You want Traveling in Group,then you need Turkey Visa from Pakistan. People travelling under some specified groups will fill online e-appointment applications and each application will receive one reference number. The group should inform Gerry’s about group size and with complete information. The group must download the online form and “submit” the online application .Then a date is given by the consulate General on which the groups have to appear for the visa collection. For more than 50 passports in a group it is better to submit the application at the earliest, a few weeks before traveling date. List of agent for Turkey in Pakistan.

Uzbekistan Visa from Pakistan

 Uzbekistan is a Central Asian nation and earlier Soviet republic. The state is famous for its mosques, mausoleums, and other sites connected to the Silk Road, the ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean. The tour to Uzbekistan is undoubtedly worth visiting. However; Visa for Uzbekistan is maybe the major issue for most travelers as Uzbekistan doesn't issue a travel visa to individuals. Travelers need to book their trip through a travel agency. The overall visa processing of Uzbekistan takes almost 14 days. If you are looking for the proper guidance of Uzbekistan Visa from Pakistan. 6 days tour packages for Uzbekistan from Pakistan.                                                                  


1. Quick Facts about Uzbekistan Visa:

  1. Visa Required: Yes
  2. Popular Visa Type: Tourist Visa, Transit Visa
  3. Visit Visa Duration: Tourist Visa: One Month and Transit Visa: One Month
  4. Visa Processing Time: The minimum time taken for the visa is 10 working days
  5. Flight Booking to Apply Visa: Not required
  6. Require Agent/Consultant to apply: No
  7. Tourist Visa Fee : $60
  8. Transit Visa Fee (up to 72 hours): $40
  9. Double Entry Transit Visa: $50

2. Applying Uzbekistan Visa from Pakistan through the Consulate:

  1. Applicants have to approach the Consular Section and prepare all of the documents which are required ,if you want to get Uzbekistan Visa.
  2. After all of the documents are submitted along with the Visa Application Form the Applicant is required to pay the Consular fees at the collection of the Visa.
  3. The applicant should be aware of the fact that incomplete Visa Applications are not accepted.
  4. A personal interview with an applicant may be required. However, in case of refusal to visa the Consular Section of the Embassy does not owe any explanation.
  5. The address of the Consular Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the following: House 40, Khayaban e Iqbal Road, Sector F-8 /3.
  6. The timings of the Embassy are the following: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:30-12:00.
  7. In order to apply for the Business Visa the Applicant has to take two copies of completed Visa Application Form both of which need to be signed by the Applicant. The passport needs to be submitted along with the documents due to which it has to be in good condition and must be valid for three months after entering Uzbekistan. A personal Interview will be required. The payment is transferred through the Bank.
  8. Applicants have to come personally to collect their visas.

3. Visa Types of Uzbekistan for Pakistan:

This guide covers following Uzbekistan Visa Types:
  1. Tourist 
  2. Transit

4. Uzbekistan Visa Cost from Pakistan:

Here are the charges that apply to each visa application.
  1. Tourist Visa: $60
  2. Transit Visa: (Up to 72 hours):  $40
  3. Double entry Transit Visa: $50

5. General Documents Required for Uzbekistan Visa Application:

Given below is a set of documents that you should provide if you want visit Uzbekistan Visa from Pakistan while submitting application physically.
  1. Fully completed Visa Application form for Uzbekistan and essential declaration.
  2. One Passport Size Photographs attached with the Application form
  3. Valid National Passport which is valid for three months after the travelling date
  4. The latest bank statement
  5. Copy of Invitation Letter from Tourist Company in Uzbekistan.
  6. Copies of the pages of Passports

General Documents Required for Uzbekistan Transit Visa:

  1. Original and Valid Passport valid for three months beyond the travelling date
  2. ID Card Copy
  3. One Passport Size Photograph attached with the Application form
  4. Visa Fees  
  5. Completed Visa Application Form
  6. Copy of invitation letter from inviting partners in Uzbekistan
  7. Copies of pages of Passport.

6. Uzbek Visa Application Effort:

  1. High
  2. Low Level of documents
  3. Physical visit required

7. Uzbek Visa Processing Time from Pakistan:

  1. Low
  2. Min 10 days required

8. Uzbekistan Visa Fee from Pakistan:

  1. Medium
  2. Tourist Visa Fee=$ 60
  3. Transit Visa Fee=up to 72 hours= $40
  4. Double Entry Transit Visa= $50

Awaiting the Result:

The Visa is expected to arrive within ten working days provided that all of the above mentioned documents are submitted at the earliest.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Is Uzbekistan safe?
Uzbekistan is safe for tourists. There was a time when walking around Uzbekistan without a copy of your passport wasn’t safe. Since the arrival of a new president in 2016, the country changed its economical focus and decided to develop the tourism industry instead. Consequently, tons of measures were put in place to ensure the safety of tourists in Uzbekistan
Is UZBEKISTAN safe for solo female rravelers?
In Uzbek culture, men don’t tend to approach foreign women very often. Uzbekistan is very safe for solo female travelers.  Uzbekistan is a very nice and safe country to travel to. The people are genuinely friendly and helpful.
Can you drink alcohol in Uzbekistan?
Alcohol is part of daily life for many people in Uzbekistan. The Soviets introduced vodka and other alcoholic drinks and today it forms a part of the culture. Uzbeks often drink vodka from porcelain tea bowls.

What is Uzbekistan famous for?
Uzbekistan is famous for the following reasonsArchitecture. Register Central Asia's most impressive ensemble comprises three huge madrassas covered in stunning tile work. Arts & Crafts. Rishton Ceramic Museum Central Asia's finest ceramics are made in this town in the Fergana Valley and visitors can tour workshops here.
What kind of language is Uzbek?
Uzbek is predominantly spoken in the Republic of Uzbekistan, of which it is the sole official language. Statistics show that 22 million of Uzbekistan’s population of 30 million have Uzbek as their first language. But many of Uzbekistan’s minority populations speak Uzbek as their second language.

Vietnam from Pakistan

Vietnam is one of most beautiful countries of South Asia. The country attracts travellers to its lavish mountains, lively cities and golden sand beaches as well. The Pakistanis wishes to travel to Vietnam require a visa. There are two ways through which Pakistanis or the residents of other states can apply for visa. The Vietnam Visa Processing takes almost 7 to 10 days for approval.  If you are looking for the assistance for your Vietnam Visa From Pakistan then this website is for you. Here on you can get the Complete Guidelines for Vietnam Visa.  8 days tour to Vietnam from Pakistan.


 1. Quick Facts About Vietnam Visa:
  1. Visa Required : Yes 
  2. Popular Visa Type : Tourist Visa, Business Visa
  3. Visit Visa Duration : Tourist Visa – 1 to 3 Month and Business Visa – 1 month to 1 year
  4. Visa Processing Time : 2-5 working days for Tourist visa and 5-7 days for Business Vsa.
  5. Flight Booking to Apply Visa : Yes 
  6. Require Agent/Consultant to apply : No
  7. Tourist Visa Fee : 21$ to 55$ (depending upon the working days for processing)
  8. Business Visa Fee : 119$ to 361$
  9. 2. Visa Application steps for Vietnam from Pakistan:

    How to Apply Online for Vietnam Visa From Pakistan:

    1. The Visa for Vietnam can be applied online, this method of application of visa online is called as visa on arrival for Vietnam (VOA). This is the easiest method to receive and apply for a Vietnam visa.  The visa applicant from Pakistan does not require to send their passport anywhere, therefore this is the safest way to apply for a visa. The visa applicant requires to spend only some time in filling the online visa application form for Vietnam.  
    2. The Pakistani visa applicant must apply for visa on the following website: This whole process will not take more than 5 minutes.
    3. Get Approval Letter: After the submission of your application, after the processing you will got visa confirmation letter.
    4. Get Stamped Visa on Arrival: The Pakistani passport holders are eligible to apply for a single entry visa on arrival for Vietnam from anywhere in the world. The permission is granted upon showing the letter of approval of the Vietnam visa.
    5. The visa application for Vietnam receives applicants from across the globe, the person can apply from anywhere, only require an internet connectivity.
    6. The visa application for Vietnam is convenient because online application requires least expenses. The service fee has been incorporated in other fees of the website, there are no hidden charges in the Vietnam online application and complete cooperation for any refund and failed transfer. The Vietnam online application does not require the visa applicant to pay any kind of additional charges.

    Applying for Vietnam Visa from Pakistan throught Embassy:

    1. The visa applicant requires to send required documents and Pakistani passport at the embassy of Vietnam in Pakistan. This is known to be an inconvenient method of applying for the visa. The processing of the visa for Vietnam is slowed down by the misplaced passport and any important document. This is a cumbersome method as it requires a lot of time for applying and then waiting for the Vietnam visa.  
    2. By applying at the consulate the applicant does not have any idea about the progress of the visa application. The visa takes a lot of time and thus the visa applicant who requires visa urgently like medical purposes, students, business visa etc. must not apply like this. 
    3. Applying like this is not at all cost efficient and requires the person to bear additional cost. The payment is to be made by a bank in Pakistan. After submission of all the required documents, a personal interview of the visa applicant is conducted, additional effort is to be put in order to collect the visa from the embassy. Therefore the method of applying online for Vietnam visa is advantageous.
    The most important requirements for the Pakistani passport holder to receive the visa for Vietnam are – 
    1. The passport must be valid till 6 months after the date of arrival to Vietnam.
    2. The Pakistani passport must have at least two blank pages.

    3. Types of Vietnam Visa for Pakistani Citizens:

    The two types of visas that are issued to the Pakistani citizens for entry to Vietnam are as follows ,Checkout the best Visa Consulatnt.
    1. Business Visa is required
    2. Tourist Visa is required

    4. Vietnam Business Visa Cost from Pakistan:

    Vietnam Business visa cost from Pakistan - The visa cost varies according to the duration of the stay in Vietnam of the Pakistani Passport holder. 
    1. 1 month single entry : $ 119
    2. 3 months single entry : $ 140
    3. 1 month multiple entry : $ 119
    4. 3 months multiple entry : $ 146
    5. 6 months multiple entry : $ 361
    6. An additional stamping fee of 25 to 50 dollars is also required to be paid for Business Visa

    4.1 Vietnam Tourist Visa Cost from Pakistan:

    The visa is dependent upon the duration of the stay and the number of entries during that visit.
    1. 1 month single entry - $ 21
    2. 3 months single entry - $ 34
    3. 1 month multiple entry - $ 26
    4. 3 months multiple entry - $ 55
    5. An additional stamping fee of 25 to 95 dollars is also required to be paid for Tourist Visa.

    5. General Documents Required for Vietnam Visa from Pakistan:

    These are the documents required for Vietnam Tourist and Business visa from Pakistan, Pakistani citizens are eligible for visa on arrival therefore can apply for visa application online and submit the soft copies of these documents. 
    1. Valid Pakistani Passport issued by the government of Pakistan, with a validity of 6 months left from the date of arrival into Vietnam. Temporary passports are not provided with visa.
    2. Two recent passport size pictures (without nay glasses).
    3. Visa Application form.
    4. Stamping fee of 25 $ or 50 $ depending upon type of visa required.
    5. Approval letter of visa in case of visa on arrival for Vietnam.
    6. 6. Visa Application Effort for Pakistani:

      1. Low 
      2. Low Level of documents
      3. Physical visit is not required in case applied for on arrival visa of Vietnam.

      7. Processing Time for Vietnam Visa from Pakistan:

      Tourist visa: For tourist visa of Vietnam the processing time depends upon the method of application and the public holidays.
      1. 2 to 4 working days of visa on arrival of the acceptance letter.
      2. 5 working days for the visa application on the embassy.
      Business Visa: For business visa the processing time is a bit more.
      1. 05 – 07 working days for acceptance letter generation when applied by visa on arrival method.
      2. The business visa for Vietnam at the embassy generation depends upon the embassy.
       Some Questions Related to the Veitnam Visa:
      Can I get a Vietnam visa 2022 extension?
      Yes you get extension in visa only for Single entry.
      What is ‘‘Vietnam Visa on arrival‘‘?
      You got Approval letter for entering into Veitnam,on Airport you get visa thisis called visa on arrival.
      What is Veitnam visa Cost for Pakistan?
      Visa Fee for Veitnam is 21 $ to 55 $ (depending upon the working days for processing).
      Which Cloths wear in Veitnam?
      Veitnam is very hot country,They mostly waer shorts.
      Can i Enter Veitnam without Visa?
      No,Visa is must for veitnam visa.

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